Common Issues with at Home Teeth Whitening

Common Issues with at Home Teeth Whitening

How to Solve

There are a number of common issues some consumers run into when trying to whiten their teeth with an at-home teeth whitening kit. Here we take a look at those issues and try and solve them. 

Problems / Solution's


#1. Pain and Sensitivity – With the new and improved formula on the market today this issue comes up less and less however it is still worth repeating. Take your time when whitening your teeth. It took years for them to yellow and become dingy it will take some time to get back to the pearly white you know and love.  Most of the times we get a complaint about gums being sensitive it was because the customer either put the gel on for too long or too often. Remember for the best results use the gel for no more than 15 min every other day. You will start seeing a difference after the first treatment.

#2. Ill-fitting mouth guards-  This one is easy. Most home kits come with either a one or two-piece mouth guard. You place the plastic guard in hot water and then shape it to your teeth. If it did not work the first time you can always try it again. The mouthguard is there to keep the gel on the teeth. The MySmile mouth guard is designed to fit snugly without needing to be adjusted.  Save the boiling water for tea. 


#3. How long to leave the gel on your teeth. Each kit has a light that attaches to the mouth guard. That light is set for 15 minutes and should not be reset until the next treatment. Treat your teeth for 15 minutes every other day.  You will get whiter teeth and will save yourself the pain and sensitivity that comes from overuse. 

#4. Too expensive to whiten my teeth. The cost of a MySmile Home Kit is less than the cost of a movie ticket in most areas. The average cost of Zoom whitening at the Dentist is $500.00. (At $25.00 MySmile Home Kit is 5% the cost of the Zoom whitening.

#5. Teeth Whitening takes too long.  Many methods of whitening teeth take a long time. MySmile Home Kit is not just any method, however.  Just 15 minutes every other night to have the brightest most dazzling smile of your life. Another thing to consider is the whitening is done at home with MySmile while watching your favorite TV program and not at a dental office. More than that, it is far better than baking soda and lemon teeth whitening.

The decision is clear. All of the advantages belong to MySmile. 
Buy Your MySmile Home Kit now and experience the best teeth whitening system on the market.